WEBINAR: Leading Through the Next 6 Months
FEATURING: Egnyte & Menlo Partners
PRESENTERS: Matt Murphy, Partner, Menlo Ventures
Vineet Jain, CEO, Egnyte
Rajesh Ram, CRO, Egnyte
DURATION: 1 hour

Leading Through the Next 6 Months

Disruption is a constant in business and in leadership, but this time it's different. Come and speak with Vineet Jain, CEO/Founder at Egnyte and Matt Murphy, Partner at Menlo Ventures, to discuss how the VC Community and companies are responding to the new landscape.

From historical observations of past economic downturns, to the continued evolution of human and workplace behavior, this open conversation will help you navigate your new reality as a business leader.

Join for the opportunity to:

  • Hear from a community of leaders on how they are assessing what this disruption means to them
  • Speak with Vineet and Matt to gain exposure to ideas and tactics aimed at optimizing your business
  • Learn about permanent shifts in human/work behavior and best practices, in navigating the current disruption and planning for future growth
  • Learn how major changes in technology across industries have been critical to an accelerated recovery

Matt Murphy
Menlo Ventures
Vineet Jain
CEO, Founder
Rajesh Ram
CRO, Co-founder
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