DEMOCAST: Egnyte and BA Insight Integration
FEATURING: Egnyte and BA Insight
DURATION: 7 minutes

Egnyte and BA Insight Integration

Have you ever looked for a file but didn’t remember which application it was stored in? Did you perhaps wish the application had the same search capabilities as Google?

Egnyte and BA Insight have teamed up to help alleviate this common concern. Through our integration users get internet-level search capabilities to your company data. Egnyte’s unified platform connects internal and third-party content repositories for a single view into all content.

With the integration with Egnyte and BA Insight, the complexity of search is solved by:

  • Combining search results from Egnyte and more than 80 other sources for a unified search experience
  • Enabling your employees to search for enterprise content directly within Egnyte
  • Delivering personalized information through natural language query and ML-based recommendations
  • Providing instant previews of entire documents, regardless of location
  • Providing a personalized, relevant, and mobile-ready search experience for all users

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Niamh Conlon
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Jason McCullagh
Manager of Technical Services
BA Insight

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