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Industry Outlook Report: Clinical Trial Diversity and Accessibility

Recruiting a diverse patient profile while managing the resulting data demands is a major challenge for today’s biotechnology companies. Even before the COVID era, clinical trials have historically under-represented certain groups which potentially creates downstream effects, especially when a new drug goes into market.

When examining this challenge, you’ll need to understand government and organizational efforts to improve clinical trial diversity and accessibility. Also, the challenges and considerations for improving diversity in clinical trial recruitment, both from a technological and cultural point of view. And lastly, dealing with the complexities of adding data integration, management and security across multiple locations, including telehealth and wearable sensors.

In this report, the following topics are discussed:

  • The problem of diversity in clinical trials today
  • Causes behind the lack of diversity in clinical trials
  • Potential solutions for responding to accessibility and diversity issues
  • Virtual clinical trials/decentralized trials
  • Clinical trial data management including compliance, regulations, privacy, and security

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