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WEBINAR: Reinventing File Services for Remote Work
FEATURING: IK Investment Partners & Brookfield Properties
PRESENTERS: Peter Tucker, Director of IT, IK Investment Partners
Eric Heidrich, Director of IT Infrastructure, Brookfield Properties
Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder, Egnyte

Reinventing File Services for Remote Work

IT leaders today face the challenge (and opportunity) of reinventing file sharing, collaboration and information governance across their organizations and with external partners for the long-haul. Because there’s no “going back”, only forward.

In this webinar, you will learn how IT leaders from two global enterprises, Brookfield Properties and IK Investment Partners, are evolving their file services to support, and secure, the new ways of working.

Key topics include:

  • Architecture and user adoption lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis
  • How COVID reshaped end users’ expectations for file systems
  • How governance and compliance needs have changed with new work patterns
  • The post-COVID roadmap for IT leadership

Peter Tucker
Director of IT
IK Investment Partners
Eric Heidrich
Director of IT Infrastructure
Brookfield Properties
Rajesh Ram
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