WEBINAR: Ordering the Chaos: Combatting Teams and SharePoint Content Sprawl
FEATURING: Microsoft, Tilson, & Egnyte
PRESENTERS: Kyle Wallstedt, Sr. Solutions Architect, Egnyte
Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP
Stephen Hand, Director of IT and Cybersecurity, Tilson
DURATION: 1 hour

Ordering the Chaos: Combatting Teams and SharePoint Content Sprawl

Microsoft Teams adoption has grown an astounding 900% over the past few months, and with that so too has the problem of content sprawl.

Teams provides innumerable ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, through a slick, modern interface well suited for today’s “work from everywhere” offices. However, it’s not a content management tool, and, as users adopt it, content gets sprawled across numerous OneDrive and SharePoint locations (and beyond).

If not careful, companies will quickly find themselves with lots of content, in lots locations, posing challenges for IT to govern, legal to ensure compliance, and end users to get their jobs done.

Join a discussion with Microsoft MVP Christian Buckley, Stephen Hand of Tilson and Egnyte’s Kyle Wallstedt to learn:

  • Why is sprawl such a serious issue for IT leaders today?
  • What are some of the ways in which companies are combating sprawl, while still providing end users with access to first-rate tools like OneDrive and Teams?
  • How does Egnyte’s multiple Microsoft 365 integrations improve your information governance through a turnkey, platform-based approach?

Kyle Wallstedt
Sr. Solutions Architect
Christian Buckley
Microsoft MVP
Stephen Hand
Director of IT and Cybersecurity
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