ON DEMAND WEBINAR: The Cost of Communication in Construction
FEATURING: Raken, Bluebeam, Robins & Morton
PRESENTERS: Brian Poage, Construction Support Manager, Raken
Lilian Magallanes, Industry Alliances Manager, Bluebeam
David Pratt, Director of Corporate & Operational Technology, Robins & Morton
Carole Fillion, Construction Marketing Consultant, Egnyte
DURATION: 1 hour

The Cost of Communication in Construction

As the world undergoes massive shifts, the way we communicate and collaborate has evolved. We now rely on video conferencing and collaboration more than ever, and the construction industry is no different. An estimated 90% of construction professionals surveyed say it’s important to collaborate digitally, according to the Collaboration for Better Building eBook.

In our new panel, a host of leaders in the construction industry will explore evolving communication trends, new ways of collaborating, construction technology tools, and more. It will feature leaders from some of the most popular technology tools companies used in construction -- Egnyte, Raken, Bluebeam -- as well as construction company representatives.

You’ll learn how best to adapt, evolve, and thrive in today’s new construction environments, including:

  • Pre-construction communication - How do hallway conversations translate to video calls in remote communication scenarios?
  • The connection between communication and rework
  • Impacts on the backlog
  • What Covid has taught us about effective (or ineffective) communication
  • BIM, VDC, and communication - Has remote work increased or decreased BIM adoption? Are virtual tours of models successful in the work from home age?
  • Best practices and essential tools

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We look forward to meeting you virtually.

Brian Poage
Construction Support Manager
Lilian Magallanes
Industry Alliances Manager
David Pratt
Director of Corporate & Operational Technology
Robins & Morton
Carole Fillion
Construction Marketing Consultant
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