WEBINAR : Optimize your Field Workflows to Save Time and Money
DURATION: 45 Minutes

Optimize your Field Workflows to Save Time and Money

Construction projects are complicated endeavors that involve numerous documents that must be created, organized, filed, and saved. General contractors need to ensure that daily reports, subcontractor dailies, files, photos, and videos are collected and shared with project managers and owners.

Raken’s construction management software streamlines these processes. Combined with Egnyte, construction managers and contractors get a centralized content management platform to easily sync construction documents and securely share them.

In this webinar, you'll see how Raken and Egnyte combine to create a better way to manage and work on construction projects. You will learn how to:

  • Manage and share construction documents

  • Take old workflows from pen and paper reporting and filing systems to simplified, digital, and keyword-searchable modern reports

  • Capture data from a jobsite, create daily reports, and review them from anywhere

  • Automatically sync Raken daily reports to an Egnyte project folder

  • Use data from prior projects to solve problems on current projects, or bid on similar future projects

  • Easily pull up Raken reports and other data using Egnyte from previous jobs conveniently from anywhere

Stan Singh
Director of Product
Mike Yatteau
AEC Segment Manager

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