DEMOCAST: Egnyte & Practifi - Cloud Content Management Platform
FEATURING: Egnyte for Financial Services
DURATION: 11 minutes

Egnyte & Practifi - Cloud Content Management Platform

Now more than ever, the customer experience is an engine of growth that differentiates companies in competitive marketplaces. Practifi is a business management CRM platform that powers financial advice firms around the world. Its ease of use, automated workflows, compliance, and monitoring features make it the perfect choice for wealth management firms.

When combined with Egnyte’s cloud content management platform, Practifi offers a host of benefits, including:

  • The ability to transform the customer experience
  • Extensive functionality with Egnyte including the advantage of setting permissions on a sub folder level
  • The simplicity of migrating to the cloud for both CRM and internal content

Watch our Democoast and learn how financial advice firms can transform the customer experience while creating more efficient processes that meet compliance regulations.

Niamh Conlon
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager

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