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Stop Employees from Leaking Data

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The average cost of a data breach was more than $3.6 million in 2016.

What companies don’t realize is that well-intended employees are a costly source of data breaches.

In this demo you will learn how to:

Identify and protect your high-value content
Find private and sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and health records, through comprehensive content classification

Uncover and resolve unauthorized access
Identify users and teams that are accidentally or intentionally accessing sensitive content and update the permission settings immediately

Detect and prevent exposure before your business is impacted
Get real-time alerts on improperly shared links and proactively correct them from a single dashboard

In addition, learn how issues can be tracked across multiple cloud and on-premises content repositories including: Egnyte Connect, SharePoint, and Windows File Server.

Watch the demo to see how Egnyte ensures compliance and identifies risks before data breaches occur.

Isabelle Guis
Chief Strategy Officer
Rajesh Ram
Chief Customer Officer

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Stop Employees from Leaking Data
Protection best-practices and how you can apply them to your environment.
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