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WEBINAR: Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with Egnyte + SAP KM
FEATURING: How to unlock the value of your content with cloud migration, storage, and security tools.
DURATION: 60 Minutes

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with Egnyte + SAP KM

Enterprises starting their journey to the cloud know that content is the cornerstone of their organization.

Companies with data siloed across cloud and on-prem repositories are at the greatest risk of taking on unmanageable and insecure content. With the GDPR enforcement deadline and the need to migrate content off SAP Knowledge Management (EP-KM) approaching, the stakes are only getting higher.

Attend this interactive webinar and discover how companies can unlock the value of their content with migration, storage, and security tools for the entire organization.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn strategies for secure and effective content management beyond KM
  • Review the effects of GDPR compliance on your organization
  • Explore new tools and products on SAP Cloud Platform to accelerate your cloud adoption

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Ronen Vengosh
VP of Platform & Ecosystem
Itay Zur
Senior Director, Cloud Platform

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