Egnyte Data Privacy Policy Generator

Create your own data privacy policy with the Egnyte Data Privacy Policy Generator. Developed in partnership with Truyo, this easy-to-use tool helps you build a privacy policy page that can be easily linked on your company’s website, so you can comply with evolving privacy policy regulations, and your consumers can access an up-to-date privacy policy at all times.

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Egnyte Privacy Policy Generator Overview

  • Gather pertinent information with a straightforward, comprehensive questionnaire and develop a personalized privacy policy that’s based on existing regulatory data.
  • Manage key data privacy regulatory policies, cookie consent updates, online marketing, consumers’ do not sell requests, and more.
  • Easily export your privacy policy into HTML or PDF format.
  • Receive notifications to update your policy when new regulations go into effect.
  • Empower your legal counsel to create a legally defensible privacy policy* of your own.

*Egnyte’s Privacy Policy Generator was developed in conjunction with a nationally recognized law firm; however, we strongly recommend that your legal counsel review any changes to organizational privacy policies, including output from Egnyte’s Data Privacy Policy Generator.