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WEBINAR : Windows Server 2008 EOS. What’s your transition plan?
FEATURING: Egnyte and Microsoft
DURATION: 45 minutes

Windows Server 2008 EOS. What’s your transition plan?

With the Windows Server EOS deadline on the horizon, it’s time to explore how Egnyte, with Microsoft Azure storage, can empower your users and provide you with a true file server replacement.

In this Webinar, hosted by Microsoft and Egnyte experts, you’ll see how the Egnyte SaaS solution:

  • Provides full file server functionality

  • Allows you to easily manage permission and send links

  • Enables a seamless transition for IT & end users

  • Integrates with Microsoft applications you know and love - Office 365, Teams, Flow, Dynamic and more

  • Offers security with built-in compliance and robust auditing capabilities

Watch the webinar to learn about the best options for migrating your file servers to the cloud.

Bryan Vanderhoof
Sr. Sales Engineer
Aaron McKay
Cloud Solution Architect

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