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WEBINAR : GxP Data Migration: From Legacy to the Cloud
FEATURING: Egnyte & Massachusetts Technology Innovations
DURATION: 30 minutes

GxP Data Migration: From Legacy to the Cloud

As companies seek to shift compute and storage to the cloud, a major challenge is migrating regulated data, like clinical (GCP), manufacturing (GMP), and others. Developing a migration plan, engaging the myriad of stakeholders, and aligning processes are the issues most often observed.

To help demystify this activity, we put together a webinar to discuss how to prepare for moving GxP data from on-premise to new cloud infrastructure.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key trends shaping the computing landscape in the life sciences

  • How to create a data migration plan

  • Which personnel to engage and when

  • The processes that need to be implemented for success

Octavian Boca
Massachusetts Technology Innovations
Alok Tayi PhD
VP of Life Sciences

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