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WEBINAR: The State of Data Security 2020
FEATURING: Learn how to adapt your security playbook for today’s threat landscape.
DURATION: 41 Minutes

The State of Data Security 2020

The new decade has ushered in a new set of data security challenges for businesses across the globe. As workloads rapidly shift to the cloud and remote work continues to accelerate, new threat vectors have opened up. Hear how smart companies are adapting to the changing data security landscape to get ahead of ransomware, breaches, and insider leaks. You will get a preview of Forrester’s latest research and learn how to:

  • Prepare for the next evolution of DLP (not dead, but changing fast)
  • Protect the most commonly stolen data types such as authentication credentials, PII, and trade secrets
  • Adapt existing data governance programs to the new reality of remote work
  • Build the business case for content classification, access control, and data privacy compliance

Heidi Shey
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
Brittany Carambio
Corporate Marketing Director

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