Gain visibility into your organization's sensitive content

If you are concerned or uncertain about where your business-critical content lives and who has access to it, Egnyte's Data Governance Assessment can help you:

  • Identify and prioritize at-risk areas.
  • Discover overexposed sensitive & classified data.
  • Review access controls and permissions and find out where you can improve.
  • Analyze folder and file access to determine where you’re most at-risk
  • Expose data vulnerabilities so that you can be confident.
  • Quickly reduce your risk profile.

How it Works:

We outline your problem areas. Prioritize your risks. And give you tangible recommendations to improve your data security.

What We Do:

Our security engineers will scan up to 10 TBs of data across SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3 repositories, as well as on-premise servers.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting: setup, configuration, and analysis. Without any performance impact to your current systems.

What You Get:

We’ll build out a custom security assessment designed specifically for you: based on company needs, industry regulations, and configurations. We’ll deliver that report as part of a complimentary security and compliance review with an Egnyte expert.

And we’ll help you fix real production security issues while we’re at it. With full access to the Egnyte platform for 2 weeks.

Non-Intrusive, Fast and Hassle Free

The data governance assessment will summarize key findings, expose data vulnerabilities, provide a detailed explanation of each finding, and include prioritized remediation recommendations.