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Data is Valuable, But Only When It’s Usable: The Importance of Metadata for Enterprise Content

Egnyte’s advanced metadata capabilities accelerate the pace of data discovery while working behind the scenes to keep it safe. Unstructured business content has grown exponentially in the last decade, making it more challenging to organize, discover, and protect the files your users create. Egnyte’s advanced metadata lets you structure that data according to your business needs, set security policies based on that information, and glean meaningful context and insights from your data.

Download the ebook to understand how the Egnyte platform lets users:

  • Create and apply custom metadata to create structured content from unstructured files.
  • Improve data search that improves discovery and granularity of search results.
  • Classify data based on content categories and sensitivity, and apply that classification to specific file groups and metadata tags.

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