DEMOCAST: Egnyte & Procore - Content & Project Management for Construction Done Right
FEATURING: Egnyte for Construction
DURATION: 11 minutes

Egnyte & Procore - Content & Project Management for Construction Done Right

Avoiding data silos across your company while still providing access to the relevant documents whether you are in the office or in the field - it can be done! Egnyte provides a single repository for all project documents, as well as all company documents.

Whether it is drawings, specs, change orders or any other document, Egnyte allows you to access it from wherever you are, whatever device you are using, regardless of the file size. Need to work offline, or with low bandwidth – Egnyte has the tools to support that as well.

Technology has transformed the construction industry, providing new ways to manage construction projects. With Egnyte and Procore, construction companies can share content securely and collaborate anywhere. It’s easy to securely review, revise, share, and approve of any needed construction documents captured by foremen and superintendents. And it can all be done on mobile devices, laptops, or tablets. With Egnyte and Procore, construction organizations get:

  • Procore Sync - Sync files between Procore’s “Documents” folder and Egnyte. This allows users to access the same files through either Procore or Egnyte. Teams can access CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts, and other large digital files any time and on nearly any mobile device. Business integrity is maintained with high-level security.
  • Egnyte Embedded UI - Never leave Procore, the Egnyte UI is embedded directly into Procore. Access the files in Egnyte without needing to open a new browser tab. Files are stored securely in Egnyte, allowing users to access, share, and collaborate with these files directly from the Procore Project page. There is no need to manage permissions in two separate locations – users have access only to the files they have permissions for.

Learn more how Procore and Egnyte empowers construction projects in our democast

Niamh Conlon
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Ernest Byrd
Solutions Engineer

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