DEMOCAST: Turbocharge Your Salesforce
PRESENTERS: Niamh Conlon, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Egnyte
Chapman Hong, Sr. Product Manager, Egnyte
DURATION: 9 minutes

Turbocharge Your Salesforce

With CRM being front and center of your sales machine, you want your sales processes to be optimal. In our new Democast, you’ll learn how companies are doing just that, by integrating their Salesforce infrastructure with Egnyte, a cost-effective integration.

Egnyte’s content management platform gives organizations the ability to connect, collaborate, and share important files from numerous apps. When you integrate Salesforce with Egnyte, your sales and support teams can:

  • Access all Salesforce data from Egnyte, including presentations, contracts, or proposals.
  • Collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users
  • Organize files using folders and sub-folders within the Salesforce hierarchy
  • Support Leads, Cases, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns as well as any custom Salesforce objects
  • File progress when leads are converted to opportunities through the sales pipeline
  • Notes and attachments in Salesforce can automatically be uploaded to corresponding record folders in Egnyte.
  • Admins can create folder / sub-folder templates for new Leads, Cases, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns or custom Salesforce objects.

Egnyte empowers the modern enterprise with a platform designed to fit your organization’s needs, by integrating with numerous industry-leading applications. You can easily access, share, and collaborate on all of your content through your favorite apps, on multiple devices. Egnyte not only addresses user needs, but also delivers security, compliance, and manageability that administrators seek.

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Niamh Conlon
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Chapman Hong
Sr. Product Manager

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